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Module 2 Tutorial Questions 1 to 9 (Due Sunday 11:59pm 16/01/2022)
Project Management
• You must answer all questions and before due date.
• The presentation of your document is to be of a professional nature. This means formatting and
styling is present, questions numbers and their answers are clearly present. If an answer is not clearly labelled with the question number it corresponds to, zero (0) marks will be given for that answer.
• This assessment involves academic writing. This means all work must be in your own words, and any ideas or knowledge you have used must be properly referenced using the APA style of referencing. A reference list is to be included at the end of the document listing only those references cited within your text – it is highly recommended to use a referencing tool. For more information please refer to Lecture 1: Intro and 2: How to Succeed in this Unit in the week 1 link on vUWS.
• All chapters referenced relate to the text Project Management for Information Systems (5th Ed)
Academic writing entails demonstrating your comprehension and understanding. For this assessment, the knowledge area is Module 2: Project Management.
Although some questions may appear to require an opinion-oriented answer, you are to take the persona of a professional and answer accordingly.
For the following questions read the following chapters:
• Chapter 8 – Project planning: understanding the work
• Chapter 9 – Project planning: estimating
• Chapter 10 – Project planning scheduling and resources
Question 1
Outline three practical experiences that can be used for estimating that can improve the quality of an estimate.
Question 2
Outline three methods one can do to monitor quality.
Question 3
a) Explainthedifferencebetween‘effort’and‘elapsedtime’.Whatisthesignificanceofthisdifference for project planning purposes?
b) Inlonger-termprojectplanning,itiswisetoassumethatstaffwillbeavailableforprojectworkfor less than 100% of the total available time. What factors will reduce staff availability and what adjustments should be made for them?
Professional Development INFO3008

For the following questions read the following chapters:
• Chapter 2 – Business strategy and information systems
• Chapter 3 – The business case
• Chapter 5 – The program and project support office
• Chapter 13 – Report Changes
Question 4
a) Explain what project dependencies are, and what tools can a project manager use to analyse them. b) GiveanexampleofafewdependencieswithinanInformationSystemproject
Question 5
a) At what point in the project lifecycle should the business case be prepared? b) Whatistheroleoftheprojectmanagerinrelationtothebusinesscase?
Question 6
a) Why is reporting fundamental for project management and when should the reporting requirements
be established?
b) Giveatleastthreereportsthataprojectmanagerorteammayproduceandprovidejustificationfor
such a report.
For the following questions read the following chapters:
• Chapter 18 – Managing Stakeholders
• Chapter 21 – Leadership and performance
• Chapter 22 – Managing the team
• Chapter 23 – The project manager
Question 7
The hierarchy of needs, by Maslow’s Model, provides a theory of motivation. Explain each level of the hierarchy, and how organisations can meet each level referencing a real-world example(s).
Question 8
What is meant by the term managing expectations? Why is expectation management an important part of the project manager’s role?
Question 9
Change is inevitable. Explain the four (4) main reason a business will invest in change.
Professional Development INFO3008

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