CS代考程序代写 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (150 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (150 unread)
Clarification regarding time for Game
For Game. does Third Line (the amount of total play time remaining for your agent) of input.txt mean time to play our next move or is it the total time remaining for our agent in the Game?
Difference :
Suppose it allows 30 (seconds) to play our next move, then we can use it completely to make intelligent move.
Else if its the total time remaining for our agent in the game, then we need to figure other ways of persisting and analysing node expanding time to comeup with the search depth.
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It’s pretty clear if you read the rules carefully. It’s the ‘total’ amount of time remaining for the entire game.
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