CS代考程序代写 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (152 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (152 unread)
How to approach figuring out depth and time
So I’m not looking for the answer on what to use for depth and time, but I have no idea how to go about figuring this out.
It was mentioned that the TA agents have a dynamic depth based on the amount of time left, and that’s kind of throwing me off. Do they use less time later because as more pieces get closer to the board, they need less time to compute the moves?
Basically, how do we start to figure out what to pass in for the depth and the time the move is allowed? We weren’t really taught this in class so I would appreciate some direction here.
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the students’ answer, where students collectively construct a single answer
I think this is asking for an approach to solving the assignment which is against the rules.
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the instructors’ answer, where instructors collectively construct a single answer
You’re asking how we do it, then saying you’re not asking for the answer. Sorry, I can’t answer this.
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followup discussions for lingering questions and comments
Anonymous 3 days ago
I’m not asking for the answer
Daniel Link 3 days ago See above.

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (152 unread)
Jonathan 3 days ago
I¡¯ll try to be helpful without breaking rules.
look into the part in the homework about the calibrate.xx files

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