CS代考程序代写 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (195 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (195 unread)
Can I Moving right ( both further from origin)
If there was an option between two move and we go further from the origin but not outside the camp is that also ok?
BBBM.B………. BBBBB……….. BBBB………… BBB…………. BB…………..
To be clear I used M for one B piece, this can move right (further from origin) but also can jump over and move outside the camp, is it ok to just move right ?
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According to addendum 1.b, you can’t.
You have to move a piece out of your camp.
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Anonymous 4 days ago
What if we don’t have any move that moves the piece out of camp, we just have only the single move which itself end up in our own camp then?
Daniel Link 4 days ago What do the rules say?

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