CS代考程序代写 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (205 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (205 unread)
Will we get same board in all of 9 “GAME” modes?
For 9 matches will the reference agent be the same or all are different?
And will all the matches start with the same initial board position or they will be random every time?
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1. It’s not finalized yet, I don’t know. But since we have two agents developed, I think it would be neither the same nor all different. 2. Always the same initial board position
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Anonymous 1 day ago
Let say you made only two agents then regardless of the number of matches result will be the same.
Ex. if YourAgent1 vs MyAgent – won by me then the rest of 4 or 5 matches will give the same result. (if I won one match i’ll win all and if I lose one I’ll lose all matches against the same agent)
Can the instructor share their thoughts on this?
Bo Wang 1 day ago Since it’s not decided, I just throw some idea that might be possible. We have two agents, we can switch the colors, set a fixed level of depth, or make the depth adapt to the time.

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