CS代考程序代写 AI 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (170 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (170 unread)
Proceedings of the Game
I am little confused on how the gameplay will be conducted.
When I am in the “SINGLE” mode, it is mentioned in the section of Input and output file formats that we can use all of the available time for that move. However, in the
Playing with agents section is it is mentioned that the agent should return the chosen move before the play time has expired. Can someone please clarify this?
Also, when I am in “GAME” mode, am I doing the same thing? Like do i just have to return a valid move(After minimax obviously) in the time span given in output.txt ? How does my program have to wait for its turn again? Do I have to implement something or does grading system pause my program execution or rerun it with the time deducted ?
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In SINGLE mode, you have “some number of seconds of allowed time to play one move”. For example, given 30 seconds, returning a valid move in 15 seconds would pass, while returning a valid move in 45 seconds would fail. In GAME mode, you are given a time that represents “how much total play time your agent has”. For example, given 300 seconds, performing 3 moves that each take 125 seconds would fail if your opponent has not run out of time yet and you have not won.
For GAME mode, your program should take in the input.txt file and return an output.txt file with your agent’s move. The “master game playing agent” will run your program with the given input.txt file for each move.
This is all clearly outlined in the homework description, but I hope this helps.
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Anonymous 7 days ago Thank you for the response. That being said, in game mode will be be like: My Agent (Time:100 seconds)
– Time to execute 10 seconds
AI Agent
– Time to execute 8 seconds

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (170 unread)
Now after this, will my program execute again from scratch and I will be reading a new input.txt with Time: 90 seconds and this will go on till one of us wins? Is that it ?
Sam Prager 7 days ago It is my understanding that you would read a new input.txt file ¡°from scratch¡± with ¡°90¡± seconds. However, you have the opportunity to read/write a persistent ¡°playdata.txt¡± file to store information throughout a single GAME
Ryan Thomas 6 days ago Yes, I believe you will receive the input.txt file with 90 seconds.
Anonymous 7 days ago In SINGLE mode , can I return any 1 of the valid moves or should I return the optimal one? Sam Prager 7 days ago You should obviously return the best move possible within the allotted time
Ryan Thomas 6 days ago You can return any valid move. I believe this has been answered in other posts.

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