CS代考程序代写 database gui python Part 1: Python

Part 1: Python
You should write the code for each task below in the same python source file, as indicated below. You should then submit your source file  as described at the end.
Python Task 1a: tkinter GUI and Database
Create a program that should display the following screen [4 marks]:

The programme should save the valid usernames and passwords in a database called Users when the Save button is clicked. [4 marks]
It should clear all the windows when the Clear button is clicked. [2 marks]
If a user clicks the button “Display”, the system should display all usernames and passwords saved in the database. [3 marks]

Python Task 1b: Username and password validation
The system should not save duplicated usernames. If a user enters a username, the system should check if the username already exists in the database. If the username already exists in the database, the system should display a suitable message. [5 marks]

The password should meet the following criteria:
a)      The password should have a minimum of 8 characters.
b)     The password should include numbers.

If the password does not meet BOTH criteria, the system should reject it with a message saying that it does not meet the requirements. [6 marks]

Python submission
You should submit your final version of the following file:
• your_name_python_exam.py

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