CS代考程序代写 Java 10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (195 unread)

10/21/2019 CSCI 561 (195 unread)
Runtime Specification for HW2
I am wondering if we could know information about the runtime our programs are running in HW2? More specifically, could we learn the memory limit for running our program and the
maximum bytes we can write in playdata.txt at one time? Or do we need to write our calibrate.xxx mentioned in the homework statement to figure the memory limit? Thanks in advance.
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As per the TA’s anwser in @566, the maximum size of playdata.txt is 1GB.
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You can write what you want in playdata.txt, but until @Qian Wang gives some kind of authoritative statement about its size, I would suggest to keep it real, i.e., to put no more than maybe a few MB at most in there.
For memory limits, this would depend on where we end up running your code, but to really be safe, I would go with what’s said here:
I think it’s safe to assume that even if we’d run everyone’s code in a VM, that VM would have at least 1GB of memory, so you’d get at least 256 MB for the JVM. Please note that everything I post here is just what I’m expecting as of right now and in no way authoritative. Wait for @Qian Wang to reply.
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