CS代考 This is a take-home exam and you are welcome to use the lecture-slides (ava – cscodehelp代写

This is a take-home exam and you are welcome to use the lecture-slides (available on the website) and any notes you took. You are not allowed to use the Internet, lecture videos/recordings, or collaborate with others in any way whatsoever. The questions have specifically been designed to not require deeper technical knowledge than what was discussed in-lecture so there should be no need to add new, external information. If you have questions, please contact the instructor or TA via Discord or email at any time and we will
respond as soon as possible. Do not use the Discord channels (#gener吐#小stance, etc.) to ask questions about any aspect of the exam.
1. Directional Firewall Rules For the corporate network described in the below diagram, describe both
where you would place the network firewall(s)1 and what the configurations should be in order to protect the network. Don’t forget that:
1. Firewalls can have different inbound and outbound rule sets.
2. “outbound” means “heading in the direction of the Internet” and “inbound” means “heading away
from the Internet”
3. You should have a catch-all as the last-rule.
4. You have to tell us where each firewall is placed.
5. Rules are evaluated i n -order.
Administrator Network
••• 已· •• ·
Server for:
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”“’l ll1, 1up to 3 allowed
.. ••·哺. 一 •
•• •• ••• ..身,
•• •• • • · ….
亡]亡] ..:l =
, 五压 ..::.「
Se『ver Network
ttIIt一O …..一 O
-, _ 六 AE-
i•.••`…D__ __
Accounting Network
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