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// The header file is for module “city landscape”
// Copyright 2021 Georgia Tech. All rights reserved.
// The materials provided by the instructor in this course are for

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// the use of the students currently enrolled in the course.
// Copyrighted course materials may not be further disseminated.
// This file must not be made publicly available anywhere.

#include “mbed.h”
#include “globals.h”
#include “city_landscape_public.h”

//==== [private type] ====

//==== [private function] ====

//==== [private macros] ====
// The bottom of the screen => y=127
// Gut the landscape grow up from the bottom of the screen. It is awkward.
// Thus, we use a macro to reverse the coordinate for convenience.
#define REVERSE_Y(x) (SIZE_Y-(x))

//==== [private settings] ====
// You could modify these settings, but try to keep them be used only inside city_landscape.cpp
// Here are the settings to define the looking of your city landscape
#define CITY_TO_SCREEN_MARGIN 25 // pixel on the screen
#define CITY_WIDTH 10 // pixel on the screen
#define BUILDING_WIDTH 2 // pixel on the screen
#define BUILDING_COLOR 0x00FF00


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