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Notation Reference for a System Sequence Diagram
Example: Video Surveillance System
1. The surveillance system is primarily designed for recording the entrance of a home and contains a camera that streams video data directly to a stream server.

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2. To access the stream server the user is required to use a surveillance application. In this example we assume that the user has already downloaded the application.
3. While a user has the application open, they can request to view the live video feed of their camera. The application will then check the status of the camera with the stream server.
4. The stream server will perform a test to determine whether the camera is online or offline and return the camera status to the application.
5. If the status is online the application will send a request to the stream server to fetch the live camera stream to present to the user.
6. If the status is offline the application will return an error to the user.
7. Finally, the user can close the application.
SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design ýUniversity of Melbourne 2020

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