B.Sc. in Computing Software Project – Project Requirements

B.Sc. in Computing – Year 3 – Semester 2 – 2015/16 Software Project – Project Requirements
Summer 2016 Period
You are required to design, develop and test a 3-tier web application using Java, JSP and Servlet technologies together with appropriate classes to access a database. The following aspects must be addressed in your implementation. Students will normally work in groups.
1) An appropriate development process must be used and the activities recorded.
2) Appropriate CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations using DAO classes are to be used.
3) Data storage using a relational database with five or more related tables. Database tables must be
properly normalised and have appropriate integrity constraints implemented. Database procedures
are required.
4) Functionality: the system should strive to provide all the functionality expected of its type.
5) Administrator and ordinary user functionality should be provided.
6) Appropriate testing processes and methods should be employed.
7) User Experience (UX) aspects to be addressed; User Interface design, usability, accessibility
8) Validation of input – both client-side and server-side.
9) Security of access, data storage and transmission
10) Documentation of system – i.e. User stories, ER-Diagrams, Javadoc, screencast
11) Appropriate use of of design-patterns
Other Aspects (Extras)
You may include one or more of the aspects below (called extras), and/or any additional aspects that you think are particularly relevant to your project. You must decide and explain which ones bring value to your system.
 Database Procedures
– Implement a range of stored procedures and triggers relevant to your application. – Implement a number of database transactions
 Server side logging in your server code for debugging and maintenance purposes. (e.g. log4J2)
 Use of AJAX
 Localisation (internationalisation)
 Use of non-relational database (e.g. MongoDB) (as well as relational DB)
 Connection Pooling
 Mobile enabled site
 and, suggestions of your own.
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See the Grading Sheet for details of where marks are allocated.
Mark Allocation: ( Product: 80% Process: 20% )
You should consider your project as an opportunity to create a comprehensive piece of work that can be used as part of your ‘portfolio of work’. (It should be something that you can present and refer to in a job interview). Within the scope of the topics mentioned above, and the timeframe available, you should strive to develop an application that is as comprehensive and professional as possible, both in terms of usefulness to the user and maintainability for the developer.
You will be required to present and demonstrate you project in early September. Presentations and demonstrations are mandatory, and no marks will be allocated in their absence.
The degree of difficulty of each aspect of your implementation, its relevance and completeness of implementation, and your demonstrated depth of understanding of each of the topic areas (as judged by the panel) will have a significant impact on grades.
Breadth of Knowledge
Each group member must have a working knowledge of all aspects of the project.
Although individual members will obviously complete – and become more familiar with – specific parts of the project, it is up to each member, and the group as a whole, to ensure that every member is familiar with the workings of all aspects of the project. During progress reports and interviews, each member is expected to be able to answer questions about all aspects of the project.
Presentation and demonstration of main aspects (Refer to Allocations of Marks)
1. ‘Team Performance’ – (Management and Organisation, Task Allocation & Planning, use of Scrumwise)
2. Product – (functionality, data management, user-interface, design, security, validation, extras)
3. Individual Contributions
Screen Cast (MP4)
You are required to develop a screencast, in MP4 format, that demonstrates the functionality of your application. You are not required to show code in the screencast. The individual/team name and all team members should be named at the beginning of the screencast.
Moodle Submission
You must submit your complete project as a zipped file (.ZIP type ONLY) containing all code, documentation and your .MP4 screencast, using the naming convention “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.zip”. (No “.rar” files please). Each team member must also submit an official signed assessment cover sheet.

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