CS代考程序代写 {-

Module: Reed.

*** PART III (10 pt) ***

Define a player that uses teh Reed opening and play against it. Is the Reed opening a good
opening? Write your answers in Reed.txt.
module Players.Reed where

import Types
import Action
import Game

— Create a player that starts with the Reed opening. After that, you may use your minimax action or
— the given action for DumbPlayer.
— [Hint 1: Use the variable ‘turn’ in Player.]
— [Hint 2: Use ‘wallTop’ to get the walls you need.]
— [Hint 3: Don’t forget to check that the action is valid using ‘validWallAction’.]
reedPlayerAction :: Board -> [Player] -> String -> Int -> Maybe Action
reedPlayerAction = undefined

— We build a Reed player from a name, a starting cell, a number of walls, an array of winning
— positions and ‘commandToAction’.
makeReedPlayer :: String -> Cell -> Int -> [Cell] -> Player
makeReedPlayer n c rws wps = Player {
name = n,
turn = 1,
currentCell = c,
remainingWalls = rws,
winningPositions = wps,
isHuman = False,
chooseAction = reedPlayerAction }

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