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Lecture 1: Introduction

Agents and Multi-Agent Systems


The real exam
Held in the January exam period
2 hours, 100% multiple choice
Calculators (of the permitted types) are allowed: the maths required is indicated by what you needed for the class exercises and will not go beyond that
Can ask about any topic covered in the lectures
Tests comprehension of the topics and application of the techniques rather than memory (but remembering is still important for understanding)

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Exam structure
Answer all of around 17 questions, each worth 4%-6%, with a marks total of 100
Each question can have one or more correct choices, so select all that are correct
Incorrect choices give negative marks for that question, but no question as a whole will receive less than zero
Consider as a guide that 2 hours / 17 questions would be 7 minutes per question
You will typically find some questions quicker to answer where you have revised and understood well, and others take longer, and this may differ per student

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The mock exam
The mock paper provided today uses the same format as the real paper, so you can get familiar with it
It is a bit over half the length of the real exam, e.g. designed to be done in about 1 hour 10 minutes by someone who has revised well
It includes a mix of ‘comprehension’ and ‘application’ questions as you will find in the real exam
You will attempt each of 9 questions in turn for 10 minutes and then I will talk you through the answer before we move to the next question
We will not include breaks in today’s class, but feel free to pop out when you need to

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