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QUESTION 2: Object Oriented Programming

8 marks, ~15 minutes

(a) Write a series of classes that satisfy the following specification.

A parking garage has an address (an arbitrary string), and zero or more vehicle
parked in it. Because of local laws a parking garage can host at most 1000
parking spots. If a vehicle tries to enter the parking garage that does not have
enough parking spots left, a NoParkingAvailableError is raised.

A vehicle can either be a truck or a car. Trucks are longer than cars and have
to park at an angle, taking up two parking spots at a time. Cars can park
normally and take up one parking spot in the parking garage.

Both trucks and cars have a make, colour and year in which they are built.

TODO: Write your code below here.

You may import any type of from “typing” for type contracts. No other import is

Documentation are not required for the marking of this question; however, it may
help the TAs understand your code better.

(b) Write code in the __main__ block below to perform the following.

– Create a new parking garage.
– Write a loop and add 400 trucks and 199 cars to the parking garage.
– Ask the user for a year, make and colour of a car and instantiate a new
object with these attributes.
– Add the newly created car to the parking garage with the following
– If this raises a NoParkingAvailableError, print “Sorry, No parking” without
crashing the program.

if __name__ == “__main__”:

# TODO: write your main-block code below here

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