1) Go to the compnet website http://www.compnet.ryerson.ca/ and click on Online Lab Access as shown in the below screenshot.

2) Clicking on ¡°Online Lab access¡± will bring you to a page as shown below. If the item ¡°POD 1¡± from the left hand column is clicked, the physical topology of the POD 1 will be displayed. From the various PODs identify the topology that is required to perform your lab.
Note: The names of all the devices in above image start with ¡°p1¡± meaning POD1.

3) Once you have identified the required POD, click on ¡°POD RESERVATION¡±.

4) Once you see the page displaying the below information, enter your username and password and click on the Submit button. This account is different from your CN domain account. If you are using it for the first time then use ¡°cisco1234¡± password.

5) Follow the steps 1 to 5 as mentioned in the below image to make a booking

6) Once your reservation is done you should see your username displayed in the specific time slot

7) Now that you have completed the reservation you can access the POD devices during the reserved time. Connect to www.cn.ryerson.ca via SSH using Putty or other SSH client.
8) After connecting to www.cn.ryerson.ca you may connect to the devices of the POD which you had booked using telnet as shown below. To connect to another device repeat step 7, once you get connected, connect to the POD device using telnet.

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