CS计算机代考程序代写 Exercises for the course

Exercises for the course
Machine Learning 1
Winter semester 2020/21
Abteilung Maschinelles Lernen Institut fu ̈r Softwaretechnik und theoretische Informatik Fakult ̈at IV, Technische Universit ̈at Berlin Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Mu ̈ller Email: klaus-robert.mueller@tu-berlin.de
Exercise Sheet 6
A kernel function k : Rd × Rd → R must satisfy the Mercer’s condition, which verifies that for any sequence of data points x1,…,xn ∈ Rd and coefficients c1,…,cn ∈ R the inequality
􏰃􏰃ci cj k(xi,xj) ≥ 0
i=1 j=1
is satisfied. If it is the case, the kernel is called a Mercer kernel.
Conversely, the representer theorem states that if k is a Mercer kernel on Rd, then there exists a Hilbert space (i.e., a finite or infinite dimensional R-vector space with norm and scalar product) F, the so-called feature space, and a continuous map φ : Rd → F, such that
k(x,x′) = ⟨φ(x), φ(x′)⟩F for all x,x′ ∈ Rd. Exercise 1: Mercer Kernels (3 × 10 P)
(a) Show that the following are Mercer kernels. i. k(x,x′)=⟨x,x′⟩
ii. k(x,x′)=f(x)·f(x′) wheref:Rd →Risanarbitrarycontinuousfunction
(b) Let k1,k2 be two Mercer kernels, for which we assume the existence of a finite-dimensional feature map
associated to them. Show that the following are again Mercer kernels. i. k(x,x′)=k1(x,x′)+k2(x,x′)
ii. k(x,x′)=k1(x,x′)·k2(x,x′)
(c) Show using the results above that the polynomial kernel of degree d, where k(x, x′) = (⟨x, x′⟩ + θ)d and
θ ∈ R+, is a Mercer kernel.
Exercise 2: The Feature Map (4 × 10 P)
Consider the homogenous polynomial kernel k of degree 2 which is k : R2 × R2 → R, where 2 􏰆􏰃2 􏰇2
k(x,y)=⟨x,y⟩ =
3 􏰀x1􏰁√x21
(a) Show that F = R and φ x =  2 x1 x2 are possible choices for feature space and feature map.
xiyi .
2 x2
􏰙􏰀cosθ􏰁 􏰚 3
(b)ConsidertheunitcircleC= sinθ ;0≤θ<2π .Showthattheimageφ(C)liesonaplaneHinR. 􏰙􏰀t􏰁 􏰚 (c) ConsidertheplaneA= s ; t,s∈R . FindapointP inF whichisnotcontainedinφ(A). d d 2 􏰆􏰃d 􏰇2 (d) Findafeaturemapassociatedtothekernelk:R ×R →Rwithk(x,y)=⟨x,y⟩ = Exercise 3: Programming (30 P) Download the programming files on ISIS and follow the instructions. xiyi . i=1

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