CS计算机代考程序代写 #pragma once

#pragma once


/// ContextManager is a simple RAII object for ensuring that cleanup code runs
/// when a function exits.
class ContextManager {
/// action is the cleanup code to run. It’s a std::function, so probably a
/// lambda.
std::function action;

/// runit lets us disable the reclamation in cases where we change our mind
bool runit = true;

/// Construct a ContextManager by providing a function (lambda) to run on
/// destruct
ContextManager(std::function a) : action(a) {}

/// When the ContextManager goes out of scope, run its action
~ContextManager() {
if (runit)

/// Cancel the action, to keep it from running when this object goes out of
/// scope
void cancel() { runit = false; }

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