CS计算机代考程序代写 require_relative ‘../models/game_board’

require_relative ‘../models/game_board’
require_relative ‘../models/ship’
require_relative ‘../models/position’

# return a populated GameBoard or nil
# Return nil on any error (validation error or file opening error)
# If 5 valid ships added, return GameBoard; return nil otherwise
def read_ships_file(path)
GameBoard.new 10, 10

# return Array of Position or nil
# Returns nil on file open error
def read_attacks_file(path)
[Position.new(1, 1)]

# ===========================================
# =====DON’T modify the following code=======
# ===========================================
# Use this code for reading files
# Pass a code block that would accept a file line
# and does something with it
# Returns True on successfully opening the file
# Returns False if file doesn’t exist
def read_file_lines(path)
return false unless File.exist? path
if block_given?
File.open(path).each do |line|
yield line


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