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Part H: Processors, part 2 (39 marks)
For the following questions, a text file called q8.txt has been provided for you to fill in your answers. Each question below is represented by a line in this text file, with an underscore character (“_”) that must be replaced with your answer.
1. For each of the following assembly language instructions, write the equivalent machine code instruction in the file q8.txt. You might find the reference information in the appendix helpful for this question. Use X to represent digits whose value does not matter. (12 marks)
a) add $v0, $s0, $a0

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b) sra $t0, $t1, 15
c) j loop (where loop is the label of an instruction at address 0x00000FC0)
2. For the following machine code instructions, provide the equivalent assembly language instruction in the file q8.txt. (12 marks)
a) 00100110001100000000000011111111 b) 10100111111111111111111111111111 c) 00000000000000000000000000000000
3. For each of the processor tasks below, indicate what the values of the control unit signals will be by filling in q8.txt. (15 marks)
 If a control signal doesn’t affect the operation, fill in its value with an X.
 For ALUOp, simply write the operation (e.g. “add”, “subtract”, “multiply”).
a) Storethevalue42into$t0.
b) Settheprogramcountertotheaddressstoredin$t0.
c) Fetch the top element from the stack and store it in $t0.
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