CS代考程序代写 public class TestOdd {

public class TestOdd {

public static void main(String[] args) {
// Create the tree in the first figure of the assignment
Node[] level1 = new Node[3]; // Children of the root
Node[] level21 = new Node[3]; // Children of the first child of the root
Node[] level22 = new Node[4]; // Children of the second child of the root
Node[] level23 = new Node[1]; // Children of the third child of the root
Node[] level3 = new Node[2]; // Nodes at the last level of the tree
level3[0] = new Node(5);
level3[1] = new Node(5);
for (int i = 0; i < 3; ++i) level21[i] = new Node(4); level22[0] = new Node(1); level22[1] = new Node(1); level22[2] = new Node(1,level3); level22[3] = new Node(8); level23[0] = new Node(6); level1[0] = new Node(7,level21); level1[1] = new Node(7, level22); level1[2] = new Node(7,level23); Node r = new Node(3,level1); Odd prog = new Odd(); if (prog.isOdd(r)) System.out.println("Incorrect output. Not all internal nodes have odd degree"); else System.out.println("Correct output"); } }

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