CS代考程序代写 .text

#you can add functions/macros from previous assignments for your convenience to this file.
#make sure that rars.jar file is in the same folder as the data.txt

.macro exit ()
li a7,10

.macro print_str (%str)
str_label: .string %str
li a7, 4
la x10, str_label

# to avoid unwanted values creeping in
.macro reg_reset()
andi a3, a3, 0
andi a4, a4, 0
andi a5, a5, 0
andi a6, a6, 0
andi a7, a7, 0
andi t0, t0, 0
andi t1, t1, 0
andi t2, t2, 0
andi t3, t3, 0
andi t4, t4, 0
andi t5, t5, 0
andi t6, t6, 0
andi s0, s0, 0
andi s1, s1, 0
andi s2, s2, 0
andi s3, s3, 0
andi s4, s4, 0
andi s5, s5, 0
andi s6, s6, 0
andi s7, s7, 0
andi s8, s8, 0
andi s9, s9, 0
andi s10, s10, 0
andi s11, s11, 0

# macro for function call
# store the necessary registers before
# function call and clear everthing else
.macro func_call(%func)
addi sp, sp, -24
sw t0, 0(sp)
sw t1, 4(sp)
sw t2, 8(sp)
sw t3, 12(sp)
sw t4, 16(sp)
sw t5, 20(sp)
call %func
lw t0, 0(sp)
lw t1, 4(sp)
lw t2, 8(sp)
lw t3, 12(sp)
lw t4, 16(sp)
lw t5, 20(sp)
addi sp, sp, 24

.globl main
print_str(“Reading inputs…….
call file_read
mv t0, a3 # starting address of unsorted data
mv t5, a4 # end address of unsorted data
print_str(“Finished reading…..”)

li t1, 0x10011800 # output space for insertion sort
li t2, 0x10012900 # output space for merge sort
li t3, 0x10014000 # scratch space
li t4, 0x10015100 # scratch space

# to call insertion sort
mv a0, t1
mv a1, t0
mv a2, t4

# to call merge sort
mv a0, t2
mv a1, t0
mv a2, t4

# to call binary search
mv a0, t1 #change this address to the sorted list of the sort you are using
addi a1, x0, 31646
mv a2, t4


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