CS代考计算机代写 /* Child process of mmap-exit.

/* Child process of mmap-exit.
Mmaps a file and writes to it via the mmap’ing, then exits
without calling munmap. The data in the mapped region must be
written out at program termination. */

#include “tests/vm/sample.inc”
#include “tests/lib.h”
#include “tests/main.h”

#define ACTUAL ((void *) 0x10000000)

test_main (void)
int handle;

CHECK (create (“sample.txt”, sizeof sample), “create ”sample.txt””);
CHECK ((handle = open (“sample.txt”)) > 1, “open ”sample.txt””);
CHECK (mmap (handle, ACTUAL) != MAP_FAILED, “mmap ”sample.txt””);
memcpy (ACTUAL, sample, sizeof sample);

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