CS代考计算机代写 # -*- perl -*-

# -*- perl -*-
use strict;
use warnings;
use tests::tests;

sub check_process_death {
my ($proc_name) = @_;
our ($test);
my (@output) = read_text_file (“$test.output”);

common_checks (“run”, @output);
@output = get_core_output (“run”, @output);
fail “First line of output is not `($proc_name) begin’ message.

if $output[0] ne “($proc_name) begin”;
fail “Output missing ‘$proc_name: exit(-1)’ message.

if !grep (“$proc_name: exit(-1)” eq $_, @output);
fail “Output contains ‘($proc_name) end’ message.

if grep (/($proc_name) end/, @output);


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