CS代考 FIN7790 Machine Learning Exam – cscodehelp代写

FIN7790 Machine Learning Exam
3 sections
Section A: 30 Multiple choice questions, 1 mark each, total 30 marks.
Tricky questions, no definition or math questions. you are strongly recommended to do this section last.
E.g. If I have to do a prediction on stock price, what will be the class of ML algorithm to use?
Classification; Clustering; others…

Section B: 2 short answer questions, 20 marks each, total 40 marks
Short case based
E.g. Give you a case and ask Which algorithm (A, B, C,D) are you going to use
Use A and B, discuss the good of using A and B for solving the case.
Might ask the reasons of not using C, D
Take a look at the summaries of algorithms (in Blue color, an example as shown below) in the lecture notes, to find the property of a particular algorithm, and check if it is suitable to the case

Section C: 1 long question, 30 marks in total
A bigger case study.
E.g. Give you a business scenario, ask the business reasons of doing it, algorithms to use, how to do it in a way that makes sense, and what do you get from it.

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