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The objective of Coursework Three is to provide analytics solutions based on MongoDB database and SQLite database. Python and R are equally acceptable for this submission. In order to add more colour to the reporting analytics, the students can also leverage on JavaScript, HTML and css. One Use Case should be selected among the three business cases provided in next section.

Use Case Three.a (R)
Front Office trading Desk has requested a dashboard to visualise daily positions by trader. The dashboard allows users to select a date and a trader in order to display the main portfolio positions and exposures by sector.

In order to achieve these objectives: 1. Create a shiny single page application made of ui.R and server.R 2. The ui allows user to select a given date and trader in order to visualise positions and main exposures.

In order to achieve these objective, R and RShiny should be used.

MongoDB Database: Equity Collection: CourseworkOne Collection: CourseworkTwo SQL Equity.db

Please note, no copy of the database are allowed in personal folders. All database connection MUST refer to folder ./000.Databases or to MongoDB collections.

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