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KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation
First and Only Paper Ordinary Examination
Examiners: Dr Julian Dermoudy and
Time Allowed: THREE (3) hours Reading Time: FIFTEEN (15) minutes
There is a total of 180 marks available. Attempt ALL questions. Each question is work 18 marks.
The answers must be written in the booklet provided.

2 KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation
Question 1.
Consider the following excerpt from an RTM for software to manage paint colour selection. Write the action–software reaction table that would be part of the structured scenario for this use case.
Entry Para
201 7.3.1
202 7.3.1
203 7.3.2
204 7.3.2
205 7.3.3
206 7.3.3
Question 2.
Requirement Type
The user will choose a colour and obtain a SW hardcopy swatch (print of colour)
The action is started by pressing a “Choose” SWC button 20
The user will be shown a colour wheel SWC 20
The user selects a colour from the colour wheel SWC 20
If the printer has paper then a colour swatch is SWC produced 20
If the printer does not have paper then an SWC error message is displayed 20
Use Case
UC20 Print Swatch
Education Australia needs you to design a database for their organisation. After conducting some analysis, you have collected the following information:
• Students can be studying at Kindergarten, Primary School, High School, College, or University level
• Children belong to a school which has a name
• Children can hold the capability to be an A, B, or C student
• Each level has a time limit (1 year for Kindergarten, 6 years for Primary School, 4
years for High School, 2 years for College, and 3 years for University) and the
child can determine how many more years remain in that level
• Each child has preferred activities which they can describe (i.e. produce a string).
Activities vary according to section and by the child’s preferences
• Preferences are named and may be writing or mathematics or art or ICT. Each
child has a single preference although preferences can be shared by many
• Preferences can be counted to determine the number of children with that
preference. This action returns a whole number between 0% and 100%.
Draw a UML class diagram that best describes the above information. Include attributes and methods that are mentioned in these classes. (Treat actions, like explained or counted, etc as methods.) Include multiplicities, enumerations, specialisation, and so one, where relevant.
[18 marks]
[18 marks]

3 KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation
Question 3.
Draw a UML sequence diagram to show what happens when the following classes are executed.
class Program {
static void Main(string[] args) {
} }
A a = new A();
B b = new B{ Thing = a }; C c = new C();
class A {
public void Run(C c) {
c.Show(this); }
class B {
public A Thing { get; set; }
public void Run() {
public void Run2(A) { C c = new C();
a.Run(c); }
public void Show(A a) { /* code to be written */ } }
[18 marks]
a. WhatistheModel-View-Controllerdesignpatternandwhatarethe
benefits of using it?
[6 marks]
b. Whydoweusedesignpatternsandwhatadvantagesanddisadvantages does their use provide.
[6 marks]
c. Describe two design patterns (other than Model-View-Controller), draw them, and explain what they are used for.
[6 marks]
class C {
Question 4.

4 KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation
Question 5.
Consider the following class diagram. Write C# code to declare the classes and enumerations contained within the diagram. Do not include using or namespace declarations in your answer.
You may assume that all required namespaces are available. Each attribute must be a public, auto-generated property. Any methods you write should be stubs, with an appropriate header but no code within their body { }.
«enumeration» Nature
Essay Program Design
1 comprises 2..*
+Name: String +Kind: Nature
+Number: int +Difficulty: int
+Assess(a: Task): void
Read(): void
Question 6.
+DoItYourself(): void
In parts (a)–(c) below suppose there exists a class called Birds that represents the birds found in a typical nature reserve. Each bird has three public properties: Name (a string), Flies (a bool), and WingSpan (a double) in centimetres.
a. AssumingthefollowingdeclarationofacollectionofBirds List park = new List();
that has been filled with Bird objects, write a LINQ expression that selects those birds which can fly.
[6 marks]
b. FurthersupposethatthereexistsaMySQLdatabasewithatablecalled WildBirds that has a string-valued column title, a double-valued column wings, a boolean-valued column flighted, and a string-valued column entitled colour. Write a suitable SQL query to retrieve the information necessary to create Bird objects from the information in the WildBirds table.
[6 marks]
c. Now, assuming that a MySqlDataReader called rdr has been created using the query you defined in (b), and that it has been executed and its Read() method called to load the first result. Write a single C# statement
+Cheat(): void
[18 marks]

KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation to instantiate a Bird object using the data retrieved and assign it to a
variable called b. Question 7.
[6 marks]
Question 8.
Whatisblackboxtestingandwhenwouldyouuseitinsteadofwhitebox testing?
[6 marks]
Whatiswhiteboxtestingandwhenwouldyouuseitinsteadofblackbox testing?
[6 marks]
AssumeaWPFWindowusesaGridlayoutwithtwocolumnsandthree rows. Write a fragment of XAML to create a TextBlock with the name “sampleText” that occupies all of the top-right cell in the grid. Have the TextBlock display the text “Trump for President”. Include only those properties that are necessary to achieve this behaviour. Do not write the XAML for the containing Grid.
[9 marks]
ConsiderthefollowingexcerptfromtheXAMLforanapplication’smain Window. Draw a low-fidelity sketch of the GUI it defines. It should be approximately to scale, but does not need to be exact.

1 Beer
2 Wine
3 Water

[9 marks]

Question 9.
b. c.
Question 10.
KIT506 Software Application Design and Implementation
Describe some non-execution testing schemes and explain their advantages.
[6 marks]
Inthe.NETFramework,whatisLINQandwhatbenefitsdoesitprovideto software development? (Write three to five sentences in total.)
[6 marks]
DescribethepurposeofandbenefitsfromusingDataTemplatesinXAML. [6 marks]
With regard to WPF and XAML, what is data binding and what are some of the benefits it provides? Include an example of how data binding may be used.
[6 marks]
Consider the following use-case-based test for the application developed in your assignments, and answer the questions that appear below the table.
Type and Use Case
Selecting a unit from this list should bring up a list of classes for that unit, ordered chronologically.
SW UC24_User_selects_Unit
Clicking on a unit from the list of units should display the classes for that unit
a. Can the “Fail” shown as the outcome be trusted? Why/why not?
[6 marks]
b. BasedonyourknowledgeoftheHRIS,arethereenoughtestmethodsin this test case? If not, what additional methods or steps would you add?
[6 marks]
c. When in the software development lifecycle can use-case-based tests be developed?
[6 marks]
White box test:
1. WhentheUnitlistisdisplayed…
2. Selectaunitfromthelist
3. Checkthedisplayeddetailstoensurethosedisplayedarethelistof
classes for that unit

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