Texas Tech University|CS 3365| Software Engineering II GOAL: THREAT MODELING USING STRIDE

Homework#2: CS3365‐Fall2017You are required to implement the Make Order Request use case using an object‐orient langauge (C++,C#, or Java). The following depicts the communication diagrams for the Make Order Request use case,followed by the classes for the use case. Implement the Make Order Request use case as specified usingthe objects instantiated from the classes. Your implementation of Make Order Request should followthe sequence of communication diagram using the methods defined in classes. State why you need toadd new methods or change the methods specified in classes if you made changed (or added) to themethods in classes.Main Sequence for Make Order Request use caseM1: Order RequestM2: Order RequestM11: Order ConfirmationaCustomerM12: Customer Output«interface» :CreditCardM5: Authorize Credit Card RequestM8: Credit Card Approved«entity» :DeliveryOrderM9: Create OrderM10: Order Confirmation«business logic» :PurchaseOrderManager«user interaction» :CustomerInterface

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