程序代写代做代考 js Java javascript database 2017/1/28 Web Tech assignment 4/5

2017/1/28 Web Tech assignment 4/5

https://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/Teaching/Resources/COMSM0104/cw/assign5/ 1/4

Assignment 5: Final
The main assessment for the unit will be a web site driven by a web server. The assessment is
the same for COMS32500 and COMSM0104, except that COMSM0104 students (and any
non computer scientists on COMS32500) will not be expected to be quite as proficient in
direct JavaScript programming, and instead will be assessed a little more on integrating
existing tools, frameworks, library modules or scripts. As with any 10 credit unit, the total
amount of time spent is supposed to be about 50 hours.

Pairs: I expect most of you to work in pairs. I will leave you to pair up as you like. The idea is
that the two of you should work together and both learn everything, preferably in the pair
programming style, not just divide up the work. If one of you is to be the expert in a
particular area, teach the other about it. Make sure that you both put in equal effort, e.g.
each both taking the lead on some topics, so that you are happy to receive the same
mark. If a pair breaks up, or the work becomes unbalanced, let me know and I will do what
I can to sort it out. If you would prefer to work on your own, that is fine. You are still
expected to cover the full range of skills, but your work is not expected to be as extensive or

Topic: The idea is to build a web site of your own choosing, building an interesting site
structure, and adding a server to deliver pages and handle a database. Example sites
might be: shopping for sports gear, reviewing cameras, discussing politics, supporting a
particular charity or organisation, teaching astronomy, uploading and showing off photos,
social media, playing games. However, you need to bear in mind that you will need to
demonstrate your grasp of a wide variety of different technologies. So, you need a topic
with scope for expansion. If you choose a narrow topic, you may need to find extensions, or
even effectively create an unrelated subsite, to show off some of the skills. It doesn’t
necessarily matter if your site doesn’t make complete coherent sense in the end.

Requirements You must use standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PNG, SVG and other
integrated client-side technologies, following the advice from the lectures. Your server must
be Node-based, and your database must be embedded, preferably SQLite. Your design
can be desktop-first or mobile-first, and you can use client-side or server-side techniques for
creating dynamic pages. You can write everything yourself, or use any existing JavaScript-
based frameworks or libraries or modules or scripts that you like. In general, if you write
everything yourself, you will be expected to learn more about the underlying mechanisms,
and if you use existing frameworks, you will be expected to get further. You should use
open source tools as much as possible.

Resources You can get technical or creative ideas from anywhere on the Web, or use any
existing images or HTML/CSS fragments or JavaScript frameworks or libraries or modules or
scripts. But you must (a) check any restrictions (b) acknowledge them in your report (c)
adapt them to follow the standards and advice in the lectures where necessary and (d)
explain your added value (e.g. “I just copied it and learnt how to use it” or “I changed it a
little” or “I understood it fully and re-wrote it”).


The assessment will be partly on breadth and partly on depth. The breadth will be marked
very simply (almost like ticking boxes) under a number of headings for the various skills. The
depth will be a single mark, which represents your overall level of sophistication, hard work,
polish, technical achievements, creativity and so on, and this can be demonstrated by
work in any direction or any combination of areas. So your best strategy is first to make sure
you have covered all the skills to some extent, and then to put extra effort in any direction
you like. The headings are:

  • X for HTML
  • X for CSS
  • X for JS
  • X for PNG
  • X for SVG
  • https://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/handbook/2009-0/assessment.html

    2017/1/28 Web Tech assignment 4/5

    https://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/Teaching/Resources/COMSM0104/cw/assign5/ 3/4

    C means you’ve created a basic drawing in Inkscape, probably by copying
    something else
    B means you’ve gained experience with some of Inkscape’s features such as
    shape tools, freehand drawing, simplification
    A means you have gained a higher level of experience, e.g. with path editing,
    grouping, transformations, gradients, patterns, etc., or put a lot of effort into
    vector artwork

    Server: this is creating or adapting a server, either programming it yourself or using
    express and its add-ons

    C means you’ve created a server by minimally adapting the one provided, or
    closely following a tutorial to set up express
    B means you’ve dealt with things like port numbers, URL validation, content
    negotiation for old browsers, sending redirections to browsers, handling UTF-8
    A means you’ve dealt with things like https and certificates, or web sockets, or
    cloud hosting, or security issues beyond URL validation, or auto-testing, or
    cookies, or running under reduced privilege

    Database: this is integrating a database with your server
    C means you’ve manually created a database, and then extracted data from it
    in your server
    B means you’ve managed to update or insert data as well as extract it, and
    you’ve got the hang of callbacks for getting things to happen in the right order
    A means you’ve gained a lot of experience with SQL, or you’ve put a lot of effort
    into organising database access (e.g. into a separate server-side module) or
    you’ve put a lot of effort into database design or details of handling your data

    Dynamic pages: this is either inserting data into templates on the server side and
    delivering dynamic pages or requesting data from the server and inserting into
    existing pages on the client side

    C means you’ve created a simple dynamic delivery system or you have used a
    framework in a simple way
    B means you’ve organised dynamic delivery in a more sophisticated way, either
    doing more of your own programming or using more features of a framework
    A means you’ve put in a lot of programming effort or become very fluent in using
    your chosen framework

    Since the work is so open ended, there is room for substituting one thing for another. For

    animation done using CSS can count a little towards the JS heading
    using canvas, including its vector features, can take the place of conventional SVG
    something clever with web sockets for a chat or game application might take the
    place of conventional dynamic page delivery

    Understanding something properly counts for more than blindly copying something or
    blindly following a tutorial. If you have used a framework, making it do what you want
    counts for more than just producing a site that looks like most of the other sites that use that
    framework. You may be better able to judge some of these issues than me.


    You should submit your site as a zip file (without asking SAFE to unzip it). Beware: on
    Windows, zip can’t cope with long names, and sometimes produces unreadable zip files, so
    install 7-zip and use that.

    I will install any Node modules needed, but otherwise your server should be ready to run
    (even if it is just the basic one provided). Your zip file should contain everything your server
    needs such as downloaded images that it serves, but should not include your node_modules
    folder or your git repository, if you are using one.

    You should also submit a report as a web page or a pdf. There are no marks for the report
    as such, but it is vital that you provide one to help with the marking. For example, under the
    PNG heading, if all I can see is an image, I will have no idea what you actually did to
    produce it, or if you just downloaded it from somewhere, so if you don’t tell me in the report,
    I will have to give a mark of zero.

    2017/1/28 Web Tech assignment 4/5

    https://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/Teaching/Resources/COMSM0104/cw/assign5/ 4/4

    Your report should give your estimated grades under each heading, and then list things
    you’ve done under each heading to justify the estimate. For depth, you might want to write
    something longer which explains your overall aims and design, anything you are
    particularly proud of, anything I might miss when I am browsing your site, and anything
    which took a substantial amount of time and effort but didn’t make it into the site.

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