CS代考 Assignment 2: Parser and Transpiler

Assignment 2: Parser and Transpiler
Please do not change the names of the functions defined in the Assignment.hs file. Each Part of the assignment has corresponding parseExerciseX and prettyPrintExerciseX that will parse and pretty print the input as per the requirements in that part.
You may (and are highly encouraged) to implement your parsers alongside these pre-defined functions. Running the Code
1 $stacktest

This will generate the transpiled JS files using the sample input JS files, by running your pretty printing
function for each exercise.
Running the Javascript Tests
In the javascript folder run:
All example scripts are stored within javascript/inputs and the output of your parser will be saved in javascript/output .
The tests on the page test:
The generated code is valid JS (i.e. it runs without errors, including non-termination error)
The generated code has certain properties of the original code (e.g. immutable variables are still immutable)
The output is “prettified” from the input based on visual, side-by-side inspection
2 $npmrundev

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