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Computational Life Sciences Project Proposal

Length: approx 3 pages per student

Project Title:

Student Name:

Student ID:

Supervisor Name:

Project Category/Topic:●Computational Life Sciences

Project Aim:

●In no more than three sentences, describe what you wish to achieve.

●Significance: Why is the project important?

●Relevance: You project needs to have a security content, what is it?

Related work:

●Briefly describe the most relevant work in the area (with the help of the supervisor).

Project Objectives/Deliverables:

●2-5 concrete and measurable project objectives.

●For each objective, a one line description of how you measure successful delivery.

●Explain why these objectives are sufficient to achieve your project aim.


●Description of approach to solve the problem.

Project plan:

●Feasibility: Explain why your skills/expertise and the available resources are sufficient to complete the project in time.

●Resources: do you need access to particular robots and sensors, or specialised software, other than those normally available in the school?

●Gantt chart with tasks and milestones, reflecting the project objectives/deliverables.

●Explanation of Gantt chart

Risks and contingency plan:

●What might happen that would prevent you from reaching the project objectives?

●What are the particularly difficult aspects of the project which you are worried about completing?

●What is your contingency plan if there are problems?

Hardware/Software Resources

●What HW/SW resources will be required to complete the project?

●Does the student/supervisor have access to these resources?


●What datasets (if any) are required to complete the project?

●Does the student/supervisor have access to this data?

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