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G6046 Software Engineering
Seminar session: Planning
This exercise is designed to ensure that you understand:
 Planning and creating a PERT chart

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 Identifying and managing risk
You have been given the following task description
“The Colorado Software Corp have been asked to develop a new system for their client the Haven City Authority that will help them manage the delivery of citizen services in the town of Haven. The project manager Audrey has been asked to drawn up an appropriate project plan and perform a risk analysis. The project is going to be delivered using a standard Waterfall process model.
The project will start with a requirements gathering process that is expected to last 4 weeks. Once that is completed, Audrey will ask her assistant Nathan to assemble the development team (estimated to take 4 weeks), and at the same time her other assistant Duke will run a requirements review that will last 2 weeks. Once Duke has done the review, the hardware spec phase can start (3 weeks) followed by a hardware procurement (a further 12 weeks). Once Duke’s requirements review is completed, the final version of the requirements document will be produced (3 weeks). The software design phase will take 4 weeks and that can only start once the requirements have been finalised and Nathan has finished putting the development team together.
Once the software design is finished, the coding phase can commence and should take 8 weeks. Once that’s done, the code can be tested and that is expected to take a further 4 weeks. Once the code is ready and the hardware has been delivered, the whole system can be integrated and that should take 3 weeks. Once the whole system is integrated, it can be tested and that would take 2 weeks, and then the complete system can be delivered to Haven and that should take 1 week.
Produce a PERT chart analysis for this project and determine:
 The critical path.
 The slack time in weeks for any activity not on the critical path.
 The estimate of the number of weeks that it will take to complete this project
We are then provided with some further information. The company providing the hardware are experiencing some issues with supply of component further down the supply chain. There is a significant chance that the hardware could take another 6 weeks to deliver. We have learn that Nathan is considering going on holiday for 2 weeks in the near future.

What are the possible risks to the project? Remember that to quantify a risk we need to:
 State the nature of the risk.
 Quantify how likely the risk is to occur and the impact of the risk (e.g. the effect on the
project as a whole).
 Determine what can be done to mitigate the effect of the risk (i.e. what can we do about it).
 Determine how we should monitor for the risk happening.
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