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Web Front-End Programming
Week 7 ReactJS Intro + A11y

ReactJS Intro + A11y

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We’re going to use this lecture to give you a simple introduction to basic ReactJS App whilst also chatting about some important aspects of A11y to consider.
To do this, we will re-explore an activity from week 4.

Forms and Events
Let’s build a simple form for a communication tool that:
Says “Please invite your friends to join CSE” at the top
Has a textarea with a welcome message. On blur, if the field is empty, colour the background red until valid.
Has 2 inputs for emails addresses, with an “Add more” button at the end that populates more fields (2 at a time) until you reach 10 addresses
Has a submit button that when clicked, provides a summary screen, before allowing the user to cancel or continue.
The summary screen should contain a friendly image of a dog
You should take particular care in styling this page nicely whilst also considering key accessibility elements

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