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// The file is for module “city landscape”
// Copyright 2021 Georgia Tech. All rights reserved.
// The materials provided by the instructor in this course are for

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// the use of the students currently enrolled in the course.
// Copyrighted course materials may not be further disseminated.
// This file must not be made publicly available anywhere.

#include “city_landscape_private.h”

CITY city_record[MAX_NUM_CITY];
int building_height[NUM_BUILDING];

// See the comments in city_landscape_public.h
void city_landscape_init(int num_city) {
int city_distance = (SIZE_X-CITY_TO_SCREEN_MARGIN*2)/num_city;

// All interface for user should have error checking
ASSERT_P(num_city<=MAX_NUM_CITY,ERROR_CITY_NUMBER); //initialize the record of cities for(i=0;iCS代考 加微信: cscodehelp QQ: 2235208643 Email: kyit630461@163.com

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