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G6046 Software Engineering Seminar session: Planning (solution)
The plan can be presented in a number of ways. For convenience, the tasks can be summarised as follows:

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Gather requirements Assemble development team Requirements review Finalise requirements Specify hardware
Procure hardware
Software design
Code testing
System integration
Final testing
Solution in a table format
Task Duration Earliest (weeks) start
Earliest finish
Latest start
Latest finish
A 4 0 4 0 4 None B44859A C24646A D36969C
E 3 6 9 10 13 C
F 12 9 21 13 25 E
G 4 9 13 9 13 B,D H 8 13 21 13 21 G
I 4 21 25 21 25 H
J 3 25 28 25 28 F,I K 2 28 30 28 30 J
L 1 30 31 30 31 K
This data can also be presented:
 As a PERT chart (see chart on Study Direct).
 As a Gantt chart (discuss in seminar session).

The critical path is: A, C, D, G, H, I, J, K, L The slack (float time) on non-critical tasks is:
Task Slack (float) time in weeks
Estimate of time to completion: 31 weeks.
Risk analysis
Risk 1 Nature
Risk 1 Nature
Mitigation Monitoring
The hardware may not be delivered on time.
Need either up front guarantees, or weekly monitoring updates from the supplier to that we can gauge the likely impact on the project.
Effect of task manager for assembling the development team (task B managed by Nathan) taking a 2-week holiday near the outset of the project.
Convince Nathan to take his holiday in weeks 0 to 4, or after task G has started.
Regular weekly line management meetings between Nathan and Audrey.
Should take 12 weeks, but supplier says could take a further 6 weeks, so 18 weeks maximum. If hardware procurement takes more than 16 weeks, project will be delayed (task has a max float of 4 weeks).
If we started task F (hardware procurement) 2 weeks earlier, then even if the task over-runs we don’t impact of the overall delivery schedule. Could also try to get assurances from supplier, or look to another supplier.
Need to talk to Nathan to determine how likely, but unknown at this stage. Task B has 1 week of slack. As long as task B starts no later than week 5, there would be no effect.

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