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Midterm Exam Guidelines
• Monday, March 7 (15%)
• Scope: up to (and including) POSIX semaphores (in process synchronization)
• Expected # of questions 3 or 4

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Remote Exams
• 45 minutes (+ extra time to download the questions and upload answers)
– You can attempt the exam only one time. You can not quit in the middle and restart later.
– To avoid boundary cases, you should finish the exam session at least ten minutes before the closing of the designated window.
• All submitted solutions must be handwritten.
– Each uploaded image (or PDF page) should contain a copy of at most one physical page
• Exam link will be visible on eClass (quiz type activity)
– Upload your answer to each question in the designated area

Remote Exams (continued)
• Calculators allowed
• Closed book
• A single letter/A4-size cheat sheet is allowed
– Write your name clearly on the cheat-sheet
– Be prepared to upload a copy of your cheat-sheet in the designated area if asked to do so
• A scribble page is allowed (not to be uploaded)
In-class Exam:
• The classroom provides a quiet place to use
• Use your laptop, and mobile phone (for scanning and uploading your answers)
• Bring your cheat sheet and papers to write your answers

• Please no questions during the exam
– when in doubt, reread the question again (and again)
– the question may have a typo, something missing, or open ended
– What to do? Make an assumption (and write it clearly, e.g.
Assumption: I need …, it is not specified, so I’ll assume ….
• Don’t make an assumption that trivializes a
question, I don’t ask trick questions
• Make an assumption that is in-line with what we talk about in the classroom
• Always explain your answer (even for true/false questions) but budget your time.

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