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Parallelize fdm_sample.c by hybrid MPI and OpenMP model
Download of sample program
% wet https://www.am.ics.keio.ac.jp/arc/sample22/fdm_sample.c
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Submit two files
• Your hybrid programing codes: filename should be “(Your Student ID).c”
– Your C code should be compiled without any modification on an ITC WS
Your observation within 1-page of A4 paper in PDF file format (either English or Japanese
Your observation should including execution time of the following cases:
Hybrid parallelization: 2-ranks with 2-thread
Only MP parallelization: 4-ranks with 1-thread
Only OpenMP parallelization: 1-rank with 4-thread
Upload them to
“Programming Rerport 1” in K-LMS
Deadline: 23:59 on June 30
10. Parallel Programming Exercise
About fm sample.c
A finite differential method used in many real world simulations
Example: heat diffusion simulation, fluid dynamics,
Solving differential equations by approximating derivatives with finite differenc
Discretizes both the spatial domain and time interval
About the sample code
Very simplified two dimensional heat transfer simulation
Explicit method (c.f. implicit method)
5-points stencil code
Potentially numerically unstable
Compile and run
% mpicc -02 -o fdm fdm sample.c
% mpirun -np 1 ./fdm

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