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Data Structures in HPC
aka “Why are we putting it there?” 07/02/2022 ● CS402/922 High Performance Computing ● ●


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In todays lecture…
Today in HPC…
• Go through the feedback from the Week 3 Teaching survey
• Briefly touch on data structures and how they can impact HPC • Examine a data structure abstraction library (not examinable)

Week 3 Teaching Methods Feedback
aka “You made your voice heard!” 07/02/2022 ● CS402/922 High Performance Computing ● ●

Lecturer-centric questions
Can you hear the lecturer clearly during lectures?
How am I doing?
Has the lecturer made the academic objectives of the module clear?
Yes Somewhat No
Yes Somewhat No

08/02/2022 Slide 5
Lecture-centric questions
How is this presentation going?
Can you read the text in presentation slides?
Can you easily follow the points made during lectures?
How is the rate of content delivery?
Yes Somewhat
Just Right

08/02/2022 Slide 6
Assessment and Content questions How is the support going?
Have you been made aware of the assessment methods for this module?
Do you find the support classes for this module beneficial?
Are the online
resources well organised? Helpful?
Yes Somewhat
Yes Somewhat
Somewhat No

Student-centric question
How are you doing?
Do you feel that your previous knowledge is a sufficient grounding for this module?
Yes Somewhat No

What are you thinking?
• “The lecturer is friendly and funny. But he is too fast.”
• “The content covered is interesting, but the amount covered per lecture
seems a little low.”
• “It is clear that a lot of effort has gone into the material (both sides and
labs) and that the lecturer is very knowledgeable in the subject area”
• “High performance computing isn’t one of my main interests, but I still enjoy your lectures. All of your self-deprecating jokes are completely unfair (though still funny).”

Data Structures
aka “Where does the data lie?” 07/02/2022 ● CS402/922 High Performance Computing ● ●

08/02/2022 Slide 10
Data Structures
Structure Of Array (SOA)
double y[N];
float z[N];
Isn’t it all the same?
Array Of Structures (AOS)
struct foo {
Array Of Structures Of Arrays (AOSOA)
struct bar {
double y[M];
float z[M];
bar data[N/M];
Combination of both SOA and AOS. Complex.
If done correctly, can utilise hardware better than SOA or AOS.
• Each variable contained in it’s own array.
• Good if iterating over each variable independently.
foo data[N];
• Each piece of related data is close to each other.
• Good if each iteration uses all pieces of data.

Store (Not Examinable)
aka “The majority of my PhD…” 07/02/2022 ● CS402/922 High Performance Computing ● ●

Interesting related reads
Some of this might even be fun…
• R. O. Kirk, M. Nolten, R. Kevis, T. R. Law, S. Maheswaran, S. A. Wright, S. Powell, G. R. Mudalige, and S. A. Jarvis. Store: A Data Structure Abstraction Library. In 11th IEEE International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation of High Performance Computer Systems (PMBS20), Atlanta, GA, November 2020. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA.
Next lecture: Prof. Ligang He takes over!

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